& Repairs

Stroeven Coolrooms provide servicing, repair and scheduled maintenance for cool rooms, freezers, process rooms, clean rooms, chillers and spray booths. Cool room panels and doors often need servicing and repairs due to general wear and tear, forklift damage or degradation over time.

Our team can provide panel replacement, repairs, new installations or improvements to your existing cool rooms and freezers. We can carry out inspections and replace structural supports, heat-treated frames and sills or insulated flooring, and we regularly conduct MPI audit work and help clients ensure compliance.

We also specialise in demolitions, relocations and re-design of cool rooms nationwide. Our team will dismantle, re-erect or dispose of cool room and freezer facilities as required.

We are suppliers and installers of insulated panel doors for chillers, freezers and processing areas.

Demolition, reassembly & relocation services

Stroeven Coolrooms carry out all insulated panel factory demolition and removal work, for single or multiple rooms. Relocating insulated panel from factories or manufacturing plants can be quite cost effective, and employing our experience at the outset can help maximise the re-use potential of your cool room panels and doors.

Airtight & Watertight

Quality materials and workmanship mean your cool rooms and freezers are efficient and fully insulated.

Prompt Service

We do what we say we will, when we say we will. Our customers always come first.

Service & Support

We know that repairs and maintenance are essential for a smoothly running business. We've got your back.